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  • Devops & Architecture Devops & Architecture FIND OUT MORE!
    Communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and information technology (IT) professionals are our core. We work with CD (continuous deployment), perform assessments on DevOps driven organizations and offer a program of DevOps scaling, SREs and specialized QAs.
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  • How do we do it?

    End-to-end processes

    At Kairós DS we offer a holistic, multidisciplinary engagement process that encompasses all the expertise from our global Communities of Practice (CoP). We have been iterating according to the different needs that have arisen, generating the guarantee of being able to delegate an entire process in a single block, with the peace of mind that this generates in our clients and the clear communication between the different teams.

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    Where are we?

    Open to the world

    Although Kairós DS was born in Spain, its core values of diversity and continuous learning have led us to Mexico, Peru and delivering products for clients in Brazil and USA.

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    Countries with projects:

    Spain, Mexico, Peru and USA

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    Attracting and caring for talent

    Why work with us?

    Our team of passionate and talented people is our main added value. We believe in constant learning and growth as the key to professional success.

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