We grow with the warmth of our people to

Transform Organisations

We impact the transformation that the world needs; more digital, sustainable and inclusive. Not content to be passengers, we are drivers. Towards this end, we help companies to transform into agile organisations and help them to build digital software products, platforms & experiences.



There are still many more countries where we can add value and be the best employer in our sector, attracting the best talent. Our value proposition is evolving but we know what we will never lose: our sense of purpose and our values.

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In September there was a vision, but also uncertainty about the market for our value proposition as a Business Agility and Digital Product boutique. Even so, we started to work on that vision to turn it into reality, with the incorporation of the first teams at the end of that year.

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We are change


Management Team

Carlos Moure
Carlos Moure CEO & Founder Kairós Group
Imagen de Lucía Pablos
Lucía Pablos Country Manager Spain
Imagen de Natalia Castro
Natalia Castro CFO
Imagen de Irene M Morgado
Irene M Morgado Head Talent, Culture & Brand
Imagen de Mánu Fosela
Mánu Fosela Head Software Development
Imagen de Carlos Cañado
Carlos Cañado Head Software Development & Innovation
Imagen de Reinaldo Aguilera
Reinaldo Aguilera Head Software Development
Imagen de Carlos Matías
Carlos Matías Head Agile
Imagen de Toni Navarro
Toni Navarro Head Agile
Imagen de Inés Huertas
Inés Huertas Head of Data & IA
Imagen de Carmen Espeso
Carmen Espeso Global Labour Relations & Mobility Lead
Imagen de Adrian Reguero
Adrian Reguero Global Finance Lead
Imagen de Isaac Arévalo
Isaac Arévalo Office Manager & Talento México
Imagen de Alfonso Aranda
Alfonso Aranda Head Software Development Mexico
Imagen de Yoko Pérez
Yoko Pérez Head Agile México
Imagen de Juan Bros
Juan Bros Managing Director Asia




Premio ETSIT-UPM 2019


premios la Razón 2020

II Premios Comunidad de Madrid de LA RAZÓN

Great Place to Work Best Workplaces 2020

Great Place to Work Best Workplaces

Premio a la Mayor Flexibilidad Laboral 2021

Premio a la Mayor Flexibilidad Laboral



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