We grow with the warmth of our people to

Transform Organisations

We want to be relevant in the transformation that the world needs, more digital, sustainable and inclusive. We don't want to landscapes, we want to be drivers. For this purpose we help companies to transform into agile organisations and help them to build digital software products.



We still have many countries where we can add value and be the best employer brand in our sector, so we will have the best talent. Our value proposition is evolving but we know what we do not want to lose: our purpose of existence and values.

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In September there was an illusion, there was neither a validated business model, nor a value proposition oriented towards a Business Agility and Digital Product boutique. Even so, we started to work on that dream to turn it into an idea, with the incorporation of the first teams at the end of that year. That idea became value.

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Management Team

Carlos Moure
Carlos Moure CEO & Founder Kairós Group
Imagen de Lucía Pablos
Lucía Pablos Country Manager Spain
Imagen de Natalia Castro
Natalia Castro CFO
Imagen de Irene M Morgado
Irene M Morgado Head Talent, Culture & Brand
Imagen de Mánu Fosela
Mánu Fosela Head Software Development
Imagen de Carlos Cañado
Carlos Cañado Head Software Development & Innovation
Imagen de Reinaldo Aguilera
Reinaldo Aguilera Head Software Development
Imagen de Marta Velayos
Marta Velayos Head Agile
Imagen de Carlos Matías
Carlos Matías Head Agile
Imagen de Toni Navarro
Toni Navarro Head Agile
Imagen de Juan Antonio Sanz
Juan Antonio Sanz Head UX
Imagen de Luis Gómez
Luis Gómez Head DevOps
Imagen de Carmen Espeso
Carmen Espeso Global Labour Relations & Mobility Lead
Imagen de Adrian Reguero
Adrian Reguero Global Finance Lead
Imagen de Isaac Arévalo
Isaac Arévalo Office Manager & Talento México
Imagen de Victor del Águila
Victor del Águila Office Manager & Talento Perú
Imagen de Yoko Pérez
Floris Klick Head Agile Perú
Imagen de Yoko Pérez
Yoko Pérez Head Agile México


3 August 2020

DOLNAI, our SEM technology venture goes to market

Through semantic intelligence based on natural language processing, Dolnai Technology allows you to optimise your PPC marketing campaigns on Google.

Focused on improving the Quality Score, they offer flexible and customised services.

10 July 2020

SMART CLIDE is supported by the European Union

We give value to the previous process where we can have a more global vision of all the components of the product, the problems that could drag the product and detect possible future problems.

The project proposes the creation of a novel intelligent cloud-native development environment, based on the programming-by-demonstration principle.

24 May 2020

DASA joins the team and becomes the new training partner

Kairós DS has made a strong commitment to DevOps and, for this reason, found in DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association) the right partner to align globally with other professionals in the sector.

The commitment with DASA and DevOps is total and this allows us to move forward with determination and with the security of being aligned with the most relevant DevOps Community in the world, being an active part of it.

19 February 2020

Kairós DS awarded Great Place to Work 2020

At Great Place to Work® they are devoted to recognise and build "Great Workplaces for All" because they know that #GreatPlaceToWork companies are business success stories.

By building and transforming from people, we have ensured that every single person who is or has been at Kairós DS, with their actions and knowledge, have managed to walk this part of the path and glimpse the next steps to take.