What do we do?

Our services

  • Transformación Agile Agile Transformation agile
  • Desarrollo de Software Software Development software-developer
  • Experiencia de Usuario y Diseño Lean Product Design design
  • Arquitectura y Devops Devops & Architecture devops
  • Data & New Technologies Data & New Technologies data
  • Agile transformation

    Evolve with us your cultural, organizational and methodological model. We help you design your company's end to end processes (conceptualization, development and deployment of IT and non-IT solutions) under Agile and Lean frameworks. We work through Agile maturation assessment, team coaching, role-based mentoring, lean business agility and we offer you the best In-Company training.
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  • Software Development

    What do you want to build? We transform your needs into quality and high performance applications. We are concerned, passionate about quality software development and best practices. Our team works in a wide technological stack and we are specialized in the development of products through E2E squads. You can count on our expertise in technological leadership and our research team in R&D and new technologies.
  • Lean Product Design

    We help you to choose the right processes, in order to materialize your business ideas, without losing focus on the user, and we generate the keys to create memorable experiences. We work with lean UX methodologies, design thinking in google sprints. We can help you with your conversational assistant, VR and e-commerce projects. We are also specialised in Service Design.
  • DevOps

    Communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and information technology (IT) professionals are our core. We work with CD (continuous deployment), perform assessments on DevOps driven organizations and offer a program of DevOps scaling, SREs and specialized QAs.
  • Data & New Technologies

    We help our clients to extract and analyze big data and we implement Artificial Intelligence solutions to responsibly and consciously improve their products (applications, marketplace, machine learning, natural language processing) and their organization (customer service, internal human processes...). We perform algorithmic analysis in forestry, health, education, financial and logistics projects, taking advantage of the benefits of Cloud and IoT technologies.

How do we do it?

End-to-end processes

At Kairós DS we offer a complete process with the participation of all our departments, hand in hand. We have been iterating according to the different needs that have arisen, generating the guarantee of being able to delegate an entire process in a single block, with the peace of mind that this generates in our clients and the clear communication between the different teams.

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Where are we?

Open to the world

Although Kairós DS was born in Spain, its plurality and that concern to know, raise and serve in different geographies of the planet, has led us to be present in Spain, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Singapore and carrying out projects with clients in Brazil, UK and USA.

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Countries with projects:

Spain, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Singapore, UK and EEUU

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Attracting and caring for talent

Why work with us?

Our human team is our main differential value. We believe in constant learning and growth as the key to professional success.

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